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sex toys news  

2009-04-22 Eco Sex
Eco Sex Eco-sex is a sexual activity, which does not harm the environment. Eco-sex followers, calling themselves eco-sexuals, are safe for ecology. What the followers of green sex pay attention to?»

2009-04-16 5 Reasons to Develop Vaginal Muscles
5 Reasons to Develop Vaginal Muscles Today I'd like to discuss the main reasons which induce women to train her vaginal muscles.The first and the main reason is the improvement of sex life.»

2009-04-13 Light BDSM games
Light BDSM games Flogging may become a very exciting game for both partners. It should be mentioned that it does not mean to cause pain. Women during this process are excited by the feeling of helplessness and submission and the expectation of love game.»

2009-04-09 Orgasm. Everything is Possible
Orgasm. Everything is Possible As we all know, not all the women reach the top of sexual pleasure with ease. Believe it or not, you can learn how to do it. Some simple tips will help you to get the highest pleasure.»

2009-04-06 Visiting Sex Shop
Visiting Sex Shop Naturally people want to get maximum pleasure from sex. Sex toys from adult stores give rather different (not always stronger) new sensations. Such toys are especially important for women, as men less need it, because the mechanism of male sexuality is much easier.»


Buy sex toys
If you still have the desire to turn on your sexual life, welcome to our sex store, where you can buy sex toys and various accessories for real pleasure! We try to make the area of sexual plays free from vulgarity. Sexuality from PleasureToys.biz is temptation, passion, delight and love! Our range of sex toys includes luxurious sex toys and lovely accessories, the best from the world of sexual enjoinment, everything that gives rise to sexual temptation and inspires to intimacy. We would like our products give you joy and satisfaction. Buy sex toys at our online store, be sexual and love each other!


Welcome to PleasureToys.biz
virtual but still very comfy online sex store, where you can buy sex toys! America and Europe, Africa and Asia - hardly you will find the place in the world, where the sign "sex shop" does not gleam. The opportunities of sex industry are great indeed. We, in turn, try to offer you the best from the world of sex, the world of hot desires, love, passion and satisfaction. Here, you will able to buy sex toys, stimulators, vibrators and body jewelry. Lingerie, full of passion, will help to turn on even the coldest partner. Lubricants, creams, oils will not give place to doubts and fear. Latex and leather, silk and mesh will create the atmosphere you would like to be lost in. Buy sex toys at PleasureToys.biz and we will make your dreams come true!


You must admit
that today one of the main sources of positive emotions and breathtaking sensations, is sex. Our sexual pleasure gives the supply of energy and good mood for the whole day. So why not to prolong and to intensify the sensations? Buy sex toys at PleasureToys.biz, where you will find various sex toys and accessories for sex. We are always glad to offer you sex products from different producers, which are known world widely. With the help of our online store you can buy sex toys not only for your pleasure but for your friends as well: funny sex gifts and gags for parties, which will make your bachelor or bachelorette party unforgettable.

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